Why do fat people wear bikinis?

I was at a waterpark this weekend and I was wondering why obese people feel the need to wear string bikins. Now I am not a “10″ either, but I wear a one piece with a cover-up so people don’t have to see that.

Seriously there were so many people walking around in little bikins I was appalled, some people had aprons of fat that covered the bottom part, rolls of belly and back fat, and some people’s whole leg, butt, and thigh would jiggle like jello every time they moved. Gross! Why would u want to put that in a bikini?? Do they think they look good or they just don’t care of what?!

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11 Responses to “Why do fat people wear bikinis?”

  1. amyyy054 Says:

    I agree, i hate tankinis onepieces, unless they’re french cutouts, and especially when fat people wear skimpy bikinis.

  2. kori s Says:

    I’m betting that they think they look hott. Maybe someone (nice) was sucking up to them a time or two saying, ‘aw no, you dont need to lose weight’ and they took that to heart. Maybe they have a boyfriend and don’t care about what other ppl think. I d k, maybe it ups their confidence walking around in basically nothing. :S

  3. Ritz Says:

    I think it is really brave of over weight people to where bikinis. Why should a over weight person have to dress differently then a healthy weight person? I believe you should not judge someone on what they where and you are being hypocritical. If I were over weight I would not have the courage to where a bikini. I support them. Why should they have to feel less beautiful just because they are over weight?

  4. dolphinqueen4ever Says:

    I AGREE 100% I hate it when i go to pools and water parks and u see this fat lady whose like 300lbs. and she thinks that she looks cute in her bikinis.

  5. guccigal Says:

    For some reason I don’t think larger people, women in particular see that they are bigger. I totally give them credit for having confidence but when they wear that stuff to a water park it is very disgusting to look at, and how can you NOT look? Kids are around and don’t need to be shown Obesity. Aren’t we trying to keep children athletic & fit?

    Maybe they all have the mirrors from the clown house at the carnival that make them skinny…

  6. e173ofdoom Says:

    Obviously they don’t care what other people think, or they would be dressed more… suitably. They’re probably ignorant, but I wish these people would consider others before they go out.

  7. Lauren Says:

    I agree with you. I think that people probably just dont care how they look or what others think, which i guess is good for them. if you have that much confidence in your self to walk around in a bikini when you dont have the ideal body, i mean hey, good for you. still, i think that poeple should be more conscious of what they are letting hang out there and stuff. i am and average girl of average weight, but i dont even wear a two piece bathing suit because i am not comfortable with how my stomach isnt rock hard. I dont know, i guess some poeple just dont care..

  8. Erin Says:

    I am a plus-sized woman. If I was able to find a bikini that would support my ample busom, I would definitely wear one regardless of what anyone else thinks. How dare you people criticize others because they don’t fit into your “ideal” vision. They are human beings and are entitled to wear whatever they want, even if it doesn’t look the greatest. I hate to tell you, but you’re not perfect either. You may not be fat. You may be the most perfect looking human being in the world. But your nasty attitude toward others shines through and makes you one of the world’s ugliest people. I feel sorry for you.

  9. spicysaucylatina Says:

    the world will never know

  10. arliebrunic@sbcglobal.net Says:

    Speaking from the “Fat” person’s point of view, we wear them because we want to. If you don’t like it don’t look. I would rather know that the big person is wearing it because they have the “balls” to then the skinny person wearing it because they THINK they have something that is worth showing off.

  11. KingOfTheWorld Says:

    I was wondering why girls with no shape wear bikini’s? I mean, I don’t wanna see a sack of bones in a skimpy bathing suit.

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