What is a good bikini for my body type?

I guess I’m not really sure what my body type is but I am 16 and I’m 5’2 I weigh 110 lbs. but I have a really big chest. My bra size is 34c (maybe bigger, I haven’t gone for a fitting and they seem to have grown) I don’t want a bikini too that will reveal my boobs that much so what could I use? If you could also answer with a link on what the bikini looks like or where to find one that would be great thanks :)

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  1. Eyes Of Imagination Says:

    Really? Which drunken college party are you at right now?

  2. your Says:

    Have you tried not wearing a bikini? I hope your face matches that body type cause if so, good for you.

  3. Fay Says:

    Halter neck bikinis are best for women with big chests.
    They offer quite a bit of coverage and support as well as balance out your figure.


    This would be a perfect example of a bikini that would suit you, look for ones with a halter neck, under-wiring or wide bands.

  4. N Says:

    You probably want to avoid strapless since they don’t give a lot of support. Stick to fuller halter tops, they cover more than the revealing triangle one, and support the girls. Also avoid one piece bathing suits, if you have a large chest they seem to make people look bigger than they are.

    All the ones I posted may not be the cutest or your style, since I don’t know your style, They’re kinda just examples.

    This ones cute, and offers decent coverage.

    This one might be too showy but its pretty cute.

    This one doesn’t look like it would cover too well but I also am large chested and it actually does pretty well. Most bikinis from target actually don’t seem too revealing. and they have pretty cute ones for cheap.



    I would try to AVOID tiny ones like these.

    and these.

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