ways to cover up a gore scab during bikini season?

just recently, while riding my scooter, i hit a curb and totally got dissed. the area right below my left knee got a HUGE scab/blister thing and, yes, i picked it. now it looks REALLY icky and gore-y. yet now it is bikini/shorts season, how should i draw attention away from the gore-ness or band-aid, depending on when/where i am?

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7 Responses to “ways to cover up a gore scab during bikini season?”

  1. wahine Says:

    cover that sucker up!

  2. carebear7 Says:

    I have got it dont were a bikkini

  3. argin10 Says:

    well u have to put on some of that cover up stuff
    if that dosnt work u have to have another attention on ur body so ppl pay attention to that not ur scab

  4. StR!fE Says:

    Amputate your leg with a steak knife. Then you’ll really have something to worry about.

  5. tiffanimani Says:

    Get a bathing suit wrap maybe a long one and tie it on the side so you are only showing the healthy leg and look like a hot beach babe model at the same time…

  6. notbad4aninja Says:

    You could put one of those big band-aids on and draw something cute on it or color it to match your bathing suit.

  7. OMB_gurl00 Says:

    well first just try to heal the gorey scab thign then try to cover it up. well just be thankful i can barley wear a 2piece i have a BIG scar on my stomach form my ependic surgery thing it sucks really bad.

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