Should I be embarrassed by my outie belly button?

I have an ugly belly button, that does go in a bit but sticks out around the top edge and a little on the side. All my friends have normal innies that don’t stick out anywhere and I’ve never seen another belly button like mine. It feels like I’m the only one who has an ugly belly button and it makes me self-conscious of it at the pool and beach. Thanks! :)

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11 Responses to “Should I be embarrassed by my outie belly button?”

  1. ShockingPinks Says:

    no! don’t be embarrased lol i have one… my friend has one. they’re adorable.

  2. Platypus_Freak82 Says:

    I have one like that too. Lol. I try to forget it exists when I go out. xD

  3. Ashurii Says:

    Be Proud of it!
    I think innies are ugly (i have one)

  4. khaney46 Says:


  5. hugh jass Says:

    i would be

  6. Drummer Girl Says:

    You absolutely should not be embarrassed! While inward belly buttons are more common, outward belly buttons are normal too. Tons of people have them, it’s totally natural, and nothing to be ashamed of. If you are really self-conscious, wear a one-piece bathing suit or a monokini if you don’t want to look so covered-up. Learn to love what makes you different from everyone else, not what makes you the same. (:

  7. Says:

    It’s just a belly button. No one will pay it any attention if you don’t. Although most people have innies, there are still a lot of people with outies (google images is your friend).

  8. TinyAznツ Says:

    Awh that’s so much cuter ! i have one and i love how it looks :D

  9. Alexa Says:

    Dont be ashamed! All these beautiful models and others have outie belly buttons! As you see in this link below:

    && Thats what is unique about you, your belly button! Belly Buttons sometimes shows your personality your an outie, a unique person. Beautiful, nice, and sweet!

    Guys also think that they are sorta cute, l0l.

    Remember be who you are, do not change for that other person. You are a unique beautiful person who has an outie belly button! Be glad if all yur friends have innies, that means ur different!( in a good way of course! )

  10. DevinS Says:

    Don’t be embarrassed! It’s normal, and if you feel self-conscious about it, then simply say, “Hey, Look at my belly button, it’s different, this means I’m cooler than all y’all” I have an outie belly button too, so i know how you feel! It’s nothing to be embarrassed about!

  11. Shy Shy Says:

    Do you friends care though to be honest?
    And no, you shouldn’t be embarrassed at all! In fact LOADS of my friends have outies or ugly belly buttons and no one makes a comment because EVRYONE is different!

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