I am going on to Fl. with my boyfriend in like 5 days i need to look cute in a bathing suit and i need help…

My boyfriend already thinks im cute and hot but i tell him i am fat and he swaers to me that im not but he has never seen me in a bathing suit i dont care if its not healthy i just need help anyone got any ideas at all???? PLEASE

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  1. tone Says:

    Just wear your bathing suit….you need to get some self esteem and better your self image….you sound immature to be going on a trip with your boyfriend……..if he thinks you are cute and hot, nothing else matters……enjoy your trip

  2. Monique Says:

    you sound crazy girl. rock the swim suit. your confidence will show. if he thins ur hot u should have no problem but if your really that self concious. just eat small things like yorgurt fruits and veggies lots of water for the next five days. and wear some shorts or a cute cover up u wil be fine!!!!! dont do nothing drastic. hint throwing up makes u gain weight not lose it

  3. dougla_princess19 Says:

    if you dont feel comfortable showing your skin try a one peice bathing suit there are nice ones out there. or get a two peice with the little shorts and tank tops they are cute but dont show a lot.

  4. Scanz Says:

    Alot of spas have body wraps that will make you look thinner for a short period of time. I am not sure how long they last, but I know alot of women get them done for weddings and such.

  5. Curt Says:


    That kind of talk gets old and starts to anger guys. If you’re cute and your boyfriend says so, than except it and move on.

  6. klutz [: Says:

    run/walk everyday as long as you can and do other small workouts to try and lose weight before you go (you wont lose much)

    other then that all I can think of is a body wrap at a spa or going into a steam room they day before.

  7. rjandpj2007 Says:

    You can try a less revealing suit, but most guys think their girls look good, when the girl herself thinks she is fat.

    Guys like curves! Skinny is not hot! I’d say you are probably great the way you are.

    My wife thinks her butt is too big. I think it rocks!

  8. enochsangel Says:

    If you have this self esteem issue already before your vacation, then you wont have fun on your vacation. If your fat, then wear the board shorts for girls, they are still very cute and they cover up more. Just work out for the next five days, but in 5 days your not gonna see a huge difference.

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