How much does it look like i weigh now/lost?

In my other question I mentioned my recent weight loss any ways. The first picture is me toward the end of the summer the bathing suit one is from octoberish and the last one is from today. Can you guess how much weight I lost? How much to I look like I weigh? :) I’m bored :) Haha.

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4 Responses to “How much does it look like i weigh now/lost?”

  1. LittleBeccy Says:

    your link doesn’t work, sorry

  2. Aman Says:

    They all look pretty much the same, but that could have something to do with the fact that the only one we can see your body in is the middle one – the last picture is even cover by your “After” edit.

  3. ksk Says:

    looks like u loosed about 1st or something

  4. Lone Woof Says:

    Photo won’t come through.

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