How far through in pregnancy should i stop wearing under-wire bras?

How far through in pregnancy should you stop wearing under-wire bras so it doesn’t damage your milk?


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  1. hamsterbabies Says:

    I’ve never heard of that. You make milk in your breast. The wire isn’t touching it.

  2. redkickinchicken Says:

    I have 2 kids and I wore underwire bras all through my pregnancies and had milk like a Jersey cow! HAHA. Even my nursing bras were underwire.

  3. Mommy of 2 little girls<3 Says:

    They do not ‘damage’ your milk. Its all a comfort thing!

  4. Ivy Christine due 05/02/09 Says:

    The underwire will hurt a bit once your belly is pressing under your breasts, but other than minor discomfort underwire isn’t a problem. :)

  5. momof5 Says:

    I wore them all the way through all 5 of my pregnancy’s and it never damaged my milk. i love under wire bras..

  6. Lana Says:

    i got told to stop wearing them as soon as i found out i was pregnant, and not only so it does not damage your milk, but also because it restricts and cuts into the vessels, sometimes causing infection, which cant be treated while you are pregnant because of the antibiotics

  7. Little Girl #2 due May 3rd Says:

    it does not damage your milk…? Wear it til it uncomfortable this is my second doctors have never said such thing and your milk doesnt even come in until the baby is a few days old

  8. Baby Noah Born 12.04.08! Says:

    I took a prenatal class when I was pregnant and that question was asked… the nurses told us that it is not true that the wire in and under wire bra damages the breast milk, it has no effect what so ever.

    you can wear them as long as you want.

  9. JustAMommy Says:

    I wore under wire bras throughout my pregnancy and never had the slightest problem.

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