How do I get rid of the Bunny Rabbits in my yard and under my deck?

They are small brown cute bunnies, But they Need To Go. My kids keep trying to catch and keep them. Which is not good. I’ve seen two, so far. I’ve seen them going in and out of this whole they built under my small low deck….I want them gone.
What can I do that does not involve installing chicken wire to keep them out.


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  1. D Says:

    Stop leaving out carrots around your house

  2. Kasey Says:

    1) Drive to animal shelter
    2) “rescue” a cat
    3) Bring cat home
    4) Keep cat locked in room/closet for a few days (with no food), water only and a cat box
    5) Put cat harness on cat
    6) tie long (30 ft or so) rope to harness
    7) take cat to back yard and tie other end of rope to the something close to the hole. 8) Make sure cat has water (it IS summer out)
    9) Do NOT feed cat ( a hungry cat is a better hunter)
    10) Within a few days your cat should have pretty well eradicated the infestation.

    Also at Lowes /Home Depot they sell what are called “Live Traps” you can purchase one and put it out by the hole under the deck and when you have caught them take them out into the country somewhere and turn them lose.

  3. Girzie Says:

    Trap them or shoot them or get five cats.

  4. MissPriss Says:

    OMG! The answer is NOT “adopt a cat”………or catch a starving stray! Sheeeezzzz people…..

    Bunnies like shelter. A porch or deck is perfect. Unfortunately, there is no way except to keep them from under your porch unless you have a fenced in yard and a dog.

    I don’t care for the chicken wire look either, so you’ll have to resort to lattice, rocks, bricks, or something else that blocks the access to the under area.

    First though, make sure you don’t have any newbies under there. I’m sure that unlike some who think starving a cat to catch your bunnies is a cute answer, you wouldn’t want to starve or kill the bunnies that might be living under the house.

    Even planting roses or prickly stuff doesn’t work. In fact, it’s really just the opposite. They look at it as protection for their shelter, and even LOVE eating thistle and such. Now…this is gross, and you have kids, but… could try pouring any one of the assorted …..uhm…..scent products…..that farm places sell….of the predator variety. Nuff said?? It would make them think that they have been discovered by something that could also get into their space, but one that would eat them…..and they would move on…..but once the smell was gone…they’d be back. It’s yucky, but it would drive them away until you could install a pretty little lattice that would let you grow nice pretty flours and such…..
    Good luck and….happy gardening??

  5. Hooray4PooP Says:

    BB gun. You don’t want to leave out poisons in your front yard with kids playing in the neighborhood.

  6. Christian Says:

    I know you said you don’t want to get chicken wire to keep them out, but if you end up having to do this, I got some for a really good deal from “wire cloth manufacturers”. They sell cheap online at – check out their rabbit netting and chicken wire products found under “Commercial Mesh” and then “Hex Netting”.

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