How do I do this math question?

Suppose a wire is stretched tightly around the Earth. (The radius of the Earth is approx. 6,400 km.) If the wire is cut, its circumference is increased by 20 meters, and the wire is placed back around the Earth so that the wire is the same distance from the Earth at every point, could you walk under the wire?

***Step by Step directions would be awesome***

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  1. WWEfan'95 Says:

    idk how 2 do it but i believe yeah u could walk under it

  2. Beau M Says:

    Math is stupid

  3. Fred Says:

    C = 2pi*r or pi*d
    C of earth = 2pi * 6400
    which is equal to the length of the band
    add 20 metres makes the band = 2pi*6400+ 0.02 kms long

    now find the radius of the circle that this new band will create

    2pi*6400+.02 = 2pi*r
    r = (2pi*6400+0.02)/(2pi)

    now put it all through the calculator

    from this subtract the radius of the earth
    0.003183kms…………..change to metres……
    3.183 metres

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