Horrible sunburn, how can I keep it from pealing?

Long story short.. I fell asleep in the sun at the beach with no sunscreen on. It happens.. I will make sure to avoid this in the future.

I got sun poisoning, couldn’t move because of the pain, felt nauseous but didn’t puke, had a headache, felt dizzy, etc. This was on the night of March 23rd that those symptoms came up. The burn is just really red… all over my back, on the parts of my butt that my bathing suit didn’t cover, and down my legs. I have a minor burn on the front of me that isn’t painful. To be clear, it is NOT so bad that I have blisters or anything, it’s simply just very red and painful.

on the 24th my burn hurt really bad.. the 25th it hurt less and I was able to wear more normal clothing.. my bra still hurt a LOT though. It’s starting to fade into a tan now but there are still some very red areas like around my butt, legs, and top of back.

I feel like since I went through this much.. I deserve to be tan! LOL. So I just really want to minimize peeling as much as possible and try to get this to turn into a nice tan.

It’s way too tender to exfoliate at the moment, but I don’t even know if that’s good! I’ve been covering myself in TONS of pure aloe vera gel since I got the burn and I just slathered a ton of strong lotion on as well.

I’m no longer on vacation so there’s no need to worry about staying out of the sun, it’s winter here.
So.. what can I do!
***PEELING.. gosh, I wish it would let you correct typos in the title!
I’ve never had such a bad sunburn and I’ve never peeled very much before… Since I got such a bad burn.. does that mean it’s deep? Even if I peel will some of it turn into a tan? I was just pretty pale before and I’d like to preserve some level of tan because geez, I’ve been through a lot with this burn!

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6 Responses to “Horrible sunburn, how can I keep it from pealing?”

  1. Brett Says:

    Just keep your skin moist. Once your skin starts to dry that is normally when it starts to peel. Use aloe jell.

  2. Jewel Says:

    ok, take tomatoes! and divide it in half, then, squeeze it in your skin. :-) its proven go and try it :-) , it has lycopene that is good for the skin.. :)

  3. Owlie Says:

    peeling is the natural stage of healing. you don’t want to prevent it – even though it won’t look attractive, it’s shedding the dead, ruined skin and allowing your body to create new skin cells. you’re doing a good job with keeping it moist because that helps it heal. if you prevent peeling in order to keep a tan, you’re basically just preserving dead, ruined skin, which is not the best idea for skin health.

  4. Camden Says:

    seems like a long story long.

  5. *Blush* Says:

    Make some really strong black tea, let it cool and then apply it to the burn with a cloth. Leave on at least 10 minutes. You could also take a bath with lots of black tea added since so much area was burned. Afterwards, apply aloe vera

  6. Christina Says:

    apply aloe gel

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