do any of you girls wear thong or G-string swimwear to sunbath?

I would like to hear what type of suit you wear and your routine and and your feelings .

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6 Responses to “do any of you girls wear thong or G-string swimwear to sunbath?”

  1. Archangel Says:

    sometimes have

  2. Lyn Says:

    No free porn here – buy it like everyone else please.

  3. cal Says:

    are you an idiot wat kind of girl wud want to tell you something like that

  4. ♥Prep♥ Says:

    Pervert- your name is Iluvbutts99 for god’s sake. Get a life…one that doesn’t involve asking blatantly stupid questions.

  5. Jan R Says:

    In my back yard yes to both. When I go to the tanning bed neither, if I am in public I dress more to the family atmosphere.

  6. nudie chick Says:

    I go to the nude beach so I’m completely naked at the beach. I really feel that being naked is the only way to enjoy a day at the beach. No matter how little a bathing suit is, it’s still covering too much.

    Naked is the way to go!

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