can you return swimsuits to walmart and old navy?

i’m going to buy some tankini and bottoms from walmart and old navy and have pretty much order 2 size each of every style i want (which is 2 styles). im ordering online because i’m pretty much stuck home and can’t really go to the actual store to try it. but i was just reading about a customer complainting (walmart) that you wouldn’t be able to try it on or return it once you’ve made the purchase?

it’s hard to find a cute tankini thats cheap, any suggestions?


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  1. M M T Says:

    In most states, it’s against health laws to accept swimsuits for return. And if you try them on in the store, you have to leave your panties on.

  2. ♥Baileyann♥ Says:

    yes u can as long as u haven’t worn it!
    also try target…

  3. stealth_7 Says:

    You can’t at Wal-Mart(last time I checked), not sure about Old Navy

  4. Brooke Says:

    at walmat you can as long as you haven’t tried it on.
    Old Navy wont let you after you brought it
    Dillards has some realy cute ones.
    The Buckel has cute ones too but they are expensive

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