Bathing suits for fat people?

I was wondering if there were styles of bathing suits that looked good on fat people. Also, if any of them have sleeves or anything like that. I want to be able to cover my upper arms, tummy, hips, back, and thighs. Does anyone know any specialty stores or websites?

Best bathing suit cover up Product:

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  1. fax290 Says:

    sounds like you want a wet suit.

  2. Jessika Lynn Says:

    Sunsets ! They can also be custom ordered.

  3. Ebo Says:

    sweetie its okay to show your arms just wear a one piece bathing suit with a skirt cover up. It’ll be cute…. show some confidence gurl you’ll look HOT! Have fun where ever your going.

  4. kate Says:
    this website has lots.

  5. NBree Says:

    I know its tempting to cover up when you’re larger and not confident about your body, but only cover up in moderation. If you cover EVERYthing on your body it will only draw more attention to those areas.

    Instead you need a suit that doesn’t cover up but that diverts the eye to your body parts that you like.

    Grab a Cosmo or Glamour magazine (or any women’s magazine really) because during this time of year its full of articles that help women find suits to fit their bodies. Cosmo actually had a really good article this year for larger women and their bathing suits. Good luck!

  6. dollmaker_extraordinaire Says: has very modest styles of suits. They have sleeves and some have culottes or longer skirts. It sounds like you want something very modest, but not very tight… these may work for you!

    Still, when I go to the beach, I see lots of big gals in bikinis, and I wish I had a fraction of their self-confidence!!!

  7. bulletformyvalentine Says:

    you`re going to want a lycra bathing suit, it actually shrinks you down a whole size! As for covering stuff up wear a longer tunic, it will look more fashionable and less like you`re trying to cover something. when you wear shorts and you are bigger it hits the wrong part of your thighs and makes you look larger.

  8. veronica Says:

    You could try a body cover, which looks somewhat like a dress however is worn over a bathing suit. You could wear this when you’re not in the water and just walking around at the beach or where ever else. But when it comes to actual bathing suits, maybe consider a one piece suit. They are stylish while they hug your body and even hide some unflattering bumps. String bikinis may work as well although I believe a one-piece may be more comfortable seeing as you want to cover your back, hips, and tummy. So definitely go with the one-piece :)
    Good luck!!

  9. Tara Says:

    Newport News has Women’s sizes

    Also, I would get a bathing suit and then buy a seperate “cover-up” to go over it or a wrap to go around your waist. That would look fine.

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