14 year old flat chested searching for cute bathing suit??

I’m a 34A, and I can’t seem to find ANYTHING!! Even worse, I have an end of the year 8th grade trip to a resort, so I need a cute bathing suit! What kind of suit would look best on me?
I just went to Bob’s today-what a disaster
with a small, the bottoms were fine, but they didn’t carry extra small tops. : (
Nope, not Shannon!
Thanks for the help! Keep it coming!

Best cute bathing suits Product:

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  1. Alex J Says:

    you should go to A&F

  2. blackparadegirlx Says:

    hot topic has XS you should try there

  3. checkacheez Says:

    Limited Too if u can fit, or Target.

  4. kimbarlaayy Says:

    shannon, is that you?

  5. tokyo monsters inc. Says:

    go to http://www.alloy.com
    or http://www.delias.com
    they have diffrent type of bathing suit styles
    hoped i helped:) have fun!

  6. buttons, YAY! Says:

    Go to aeropostale. THey have good ones.

  7. Hannah M Says:

    Im 14 and i wear a 34A.
    i get all my bathing suits at target.
    they are all really cute too.

  8. Raptarr Says:

    if you get something with strips you’ll be fine
    stripes take away from everything else so black and white or black and pink stripes maybe

  9. hagane_kuragari Says:

    What a coincidence, I’m 34A too, and I’m 15, I don’t think that’s flat chested, but you can find many cute swimsuit on Ebay

  10. BoTtOmS uP Says:

    ok if ur flat the best type of bathing suits r eather a triangle shaped top with some ruffels orrrr a strapless tupe top thats twisted in the middle… it looks likes curvesss!

  11. janegoddwell Says:

    I’m relatively small too, im almost a B but compared to most people im small. Im also skinny too (i eat all this crap and i dont gain weight!) but im going to guess ur chest is just small. go for ruffle tops. they create curves. also kinda like bow tie ones…no straps. it creates cleavage. believe it or not! its in seventeen.

  12. rshinej Says:

    try childrens size

  13. hco_girl63 Says:


    try american eagle’s. the clearance ones are the cutest ones I think.,.

    top: http://www.ae.com/web/browse/product.jsp?catId=cat90112&productId=prod2140014
    bottom: http://www.ae.com/web/browse/product.jsp?catId=cat90112&productId=prod2140015

  14. Yma Says:

    alot of shops offer separates, so that you can mix and match sizes. I am also an A cup, halter top like bikinis are very flattering, as well as tube top style. Even better is finding one with a good amount of padding, sort of like a push up bra. Good luck, hope I was helpful!

  15. Taylor Says:

    This is a nice swim suit.
    Maybe in the Green or Orange.
    And they have xs.

  16. Natalie C Says:

    choose one that has some detail or unique shape on the bottom so it takes the . also a tube top bathing suit top helps since there is no plunge. or go for a strapless with a tie in the front… check out iloveujenaswimwear.com/junior bandeau top is what you are looking for…and dont worry… they will grow


  17. sHe_RoX! Says:

    I got my top at jcpenny’s and my bottoms at target. but are u 34A womens or teens?

  18. kt000792 Says:


    I own it and love it. Its Comfy and comes in extra small

  19. Tinkerbella Says:

    here you are.. top http://store.delias.com/item.do?categoryID=1786&itemID=49452&sizeFilter=&colorFilter=&brandFilter= (do the blue)

    bottoms.. http://store.delias.com/item.do?categoryID=&itemID=49557&sizeFilter=&colorFilter=&brandFilter=&CROSS=154224&i=154229 (blue too)

    the ruffled top comes in xs AND the ruffles wont make you look as flat!!

    17 mag. recomends it too!! :)

  20. emmiee Says:

    i have a small chest too & you should try target… the suits are affordable and cute… good luck!

  21. IZZIE Says:

    yep dont worry to much honestly the most cutest suits are made for small chested girls (ie models ) . here are some that are cheap and cute . ^__^
    from limited too all of these would fit you

    from wetseal

    and this one is sooo cute

    hope i helped !

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